Proud with domain .ID -  get more trusted for your business

Now is your turn to be proud with Indonesian domain names (.ID). Using Indonesian domain name will show you and your business to the world that you are coming from Indonesia and it’s your valid identity and trusted business. One of the advantages of using Indonesian domain name (. IDs) is you need to submit legal documents to get your domain approved, for example, to get a domain name of CO.ID you need to submit your company business license and your passport. It’s mean that the domain name .ID is not for common people just like .com, it’s exclusively only for you.


Domain Price/Year (Rp.000) Applicable for ORDER NOW! 147 Bisnis / Komersial 147 Bisnis / UKM 147 Personal 97 Personal 97 Universitas / Akademi 97 Sekolah (SD/MI) 97 Organisasi / LSM 97 Desa / Kelurahan 97 Lembaga Pemerintah

. * All prices are in thousands Rupiahs (Rp.000)

Required Documents for Domain Registration

Domain Applicable for Documents Business / Comercial SIUP / TDP / Akta Notaris KTP / SIM / Paspor Business / SME NPWP (bisa NPWP pribadi) KTP / SIM / Paspor Personal KTP / SIM / Paspor Personal KTP / SIM / Paspor University / Academy SK Depdiknas Pendirian Lembaga KTP / SIM / Paspor Schools (SD/MI) Surat Permohonan Kepala SekolahSurat Kuasa KTP / SIM / Paspor Organization / NGO Akta Notaris / SK Intern Organisasi KTP / SIM / Paspor Village / Kelurahan Surat Permohonan ditandatanganiKepala Desa / Sekretaris Desa KTP / SIM / Paspor Government agencies Surat Permohonan di-ttd Sekjen / Sekut / Sekmen / Sekda Surat kuasa KTP / SIM / Paspor

Notes: Specific to the domain of CO.ID, if the domain name does not match the name of the company, then you have to submit additional documents of Certificate of Brand (if any) or Confirmation Letter which describes the relationship between the domain name with the company.  Examples of such certificate can you download here

Facilities and Feature of Indonesian Domains (.ID)

We proudly to introduce the most complete features / facilities of Indonesia (id) domains the as follows:

AUTO PROVISIONING. Your domain will be activated immediately only a few seconds after you payment. Your legal documents can be uploaded later and awaited up to max. 3 days
24/7 VALIDATION PROCESS. Your legal documents will be verified at any time, no need to wait days or hours of work.
FULL CONTROL. You are fully in control of your own domain, you can change the name server (NS), update the WHOIS data, domain lock, etc..
MORE ACCESS. You can access or manage your .ID domain using either thru our billing system in MyAccount or use our new control panel.
EPP CODE. You can get the Authentication Code (EPP Code) for purposes of transfer your domain name to another registrar or provider. With the code indicates you are most entitled to control or control of your domain.
TRANSFER PROTECTION. Transfer protection to protect domain name can not be transferred to another registrar even though the EPP code themselves accordingly. This facility is useful to prevent the domain is transferred to an undesirable domain.
LOCK DOMAIN. Locked your domain so that the domain can not be edited data doman.
NEW! DNS MANAGEMENT. This facility allows you to manage your DNZ Zone without going through the hosting control panel. You can update A, NS, MX, CNAME, AAA, SRV, and TXT Record directly on your domain.
NEW! CHILD NAME SERVER. You can create Private Name Server uses a domain name you like ns1 / so as if you use their own servers. These facilities are usually very needed by reseller hosting or large companies who want to accentuate the brand image of its own.

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